"Vanessa Duprè (Italy, 1983) is a triple threat: Video Producer, Director and Photographer currently residing in Bologna this wide-eyed, outrageously cool, Italian beauty captured our attention right from the word go. 
Born in a small town outside Rome and subsequently moving to Bologna to pursue a degree in History and Gender studies, Vanessa decided to continue her studies further afield at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco where she studied Multimedia and Communication. Having tested the waters over the pond in the big shiny USA, Vanessa decided to jump ship and head back to more a more familiar way of life in Italy in 2013 and has been living there ever since. 
Vanessa describes herself as a ‘visual storyteller’, which we feel really hits the nail smack bang on the head. The lyrical movement and poetry behind each of her whimsical characters transports you to a distant land of dreams and fairytales. Sign us up for the ride.
It is through Vanessa’s fascination with fiction and cinema that she became interested in photography. Through being able to capture, create and twist the truth. A portal that separates dreams from reality, where the coexistence of comedy and tragedy, of hate and love, harmoniously exist in a single image. The stunning combination of surrealistic qualities and dreamlike elements catapults these manipulated images into the realms of stardom.
Continually challenging herself and questioning her relationship with photography, Vanessa is never satisfied by sticking to one single, narrow path. Spreading her wings further afield, Vanessa has dabbled in the past with producing short films and documentaries, to music videos and editorial shoots but now firmly sticks to digital art, where the combination of conceptual photography and fine art merge together in her breathtaking images. Through image manipulation, the ability to be more adventurous and being able to succumb to new experiences has broadened Vanessa’s stance towards the medium."

                                                                                                                                       - Public House of Art

I consider myself a visual storyteller. My passion is creating images using photography and image manipulation. Whether the images are surreal, dreamlike or symbolic, they come from my thoughts, observation and experiences. My thoughts developed as a reaction to both my personal struggle and against traits I have sensed in today’s society. In my images, persons, often solitary, are depicted within a surreal world. They are trying to reconnect with the essence of being in this modern reality. To reflect, but also feel what it is to exist.  




“Work” Group Exhibition at  AAU Spring Show. San Francisco, California. May-July 2013.

"El otro caos" Group Exhibition at open house del Estudio creativo Cancun, Mexico. May 2015.

"Full Time Dreamers" Exhibition for Insomniak Art at Mora Mora, Cancun Mexico. June 2015. 

"Down to Mexico" Exhibition at Reina Roja Hotel, Playa del Carmen Mexico. July 2015.

"Dreamers Collection" See|Me private reception at Musée du Louvre, Paris. July 2015.

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